“I enjoyed the variety of backgrounds of the instructors. It was interesting to hear about not just the different poses and yoga specifics but to also learn about the science behind why these things have a certain effect on our bodies.”

“It was impressive to attend a session and meet the medical community members who are working towards recognizing the merits of Yoga and integrating it into their practice in an evidence-based manner.”

“I would recommend this session to all medical students as it teaches you tools to relieve stress and vicarious trauma. Since we all have or will be exposed to vicarious trauma throughout our careers, we can all take advantage of these yoga techniques that teach you to re-train your brain.”

“Having a space like Empowered Clinicians where I can connect with other professionals in the mental health field who are at different points in their careers has been so impactful and inspiring. As a current counseling masters student I felt completely welcomed and supported from the first meeting and I realized that there was so much knowledge and wisdom in the group that I could tap into. I truly look forward to our meetings as a time to learn, reflect, and grow.”

“Empowering clinicians provided a space for me to be a human again. While the pressures of graduate school and clinical placement tell you to keep going, get everything done, and to put everyone and everything before yourself, empowering clinicians reminded me of the importance of slowing down, and reconnecting with who I am as a person, not only a student. I always look forward to meetings because I leave feeling more centered, calmer, and most importantly, more myself."

"As a graduate student, Empowering Clinicians has provided me with a supportive space to develop my ​own identity as a professional. Rachel, Alicia, and Melissa have emphasized and provided practical tools to incorporate self-care into my life. As a result of being a part of Empowering Clinicians, my self acceptance has grown and thus I am more confident today. I am forever thankful to have such powerful mentors.​"